A Sibling Convo

These two images were sent to me by my brother some months ago (yes, it is some sort of a dwelling …), and that’s what he said about it:

The owner-architect had wished to exalt the natural process of metamorphosis, saying: ‘The cocoon transforms into a butterfly in the right way and in the right time, seeming as if per chance on a first sight, and as if consciously on a second.’ This is not the greatest structure or concept (says my brother), but it is this what I wanted to point out – that he had observed. Observing he had noticed, noticing he had acquainted himself, acquainting himself he had begun to control. Visualize situations and processes with childish curiosity and you’ll make great things. That is what I, in short, call creativity.

Burdening your mind with things you would like to do, but having no idea of how to get them done brings you nowhere. Better wait for a moment, a thing, a person that will slowly guide you, no matter how unconsciously to that island which holds your creativity and dearest inspiration. But be patient. Might take a while. Meanwhile work and observe, discover things, follow how things develop into valuable moments.

My brother would make a great writer, I suppose, had it not been for his haste. He wants immediate results, however, art is not percentage-based scale on which your progress is being monitored. (He know that, of course) 


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