On the Meaning of Life

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In connection with Tolstoy’s account on the meaning of life I came up with another idea. Faith in God and in everything is absolutely necessary for one’s being. As he said, without it, one would destroy himself. Or would he? In terms of the finite, that is Human Life, what is the meaning of life itself? The answer would certainly relate to the infinite without making us, human beings, look pathetic and insignificant…

Individually, everyone should strive through ambition and self-gradation to achieve something which must not be related to his life only. It should be a gift to humanity. Absolutely everyone must do one such thing in his life and it will make it meaningful. We are species, bred by the idea of grandeur.
We are self-conscious and we crave for evolution. On Earth, we are the most ‘powerful’ beings but it is yet an unanswerable question whether we are such in the framework of the whole Universe. Probably not. Either way, we must strive for perfecting ourselves because that is the only thing we are capable of doing right now. People ask themselves, (me included), what is the purpose of learning this that’s no more in the afterlife and why should I do whatsoever if I’m going to die one day and all I’ve learned will die with me. An Answer would be, learn to use it and apply it for the human betterment. Do not learn selfishly just to boost your brain function but use it wherever you can. Let people learn from you and so improve themselves, let them do the same with others. Share the knowledge! That is the only way our life will justify its existence. And faith exists as long as it brings the picture of a wider worlds, of a thing that drives us and gives us inspiration. God exists as the only pure thing that guides you in order to build and not destroy, to do good rather than bad. For me, He exists mainly in my mind as a voice judging my actions. He reads my mind and talks to me.


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